The fees of Registered Psychologists are not covered by OHIP, but they are covered by many extended health care/benefits plans. Some plans require a referral from a physician, but most do not. Every plan is different, but most coverage ranges from around $500 per year to $2500 per year, and some employers provide even more coverage. Keep in mind that if your coverage is limited, even a few sessions can make a difference in how you are viewing or managing a problem. If you do not have coverage, Psychologist fees can be used as an income tax deduction.

Dr. Shatford’s fees are established in accordance with the guidelines set out annually by the Ontario Psychological Association. Payment by cash or cheque is required at the end of each session. A receipt will be provided that you can then submit for reimbursement or retain for income tax purposes. 

Sessions are 50 minutes in length, with 10 minutes set aside for record keeping and file review. Sessions of longer duration can be arranged. Once you are a client of Dr. Shatford, telephone consultations can be arranged in cases when you might be out of town, or ill. 

The basic per session fee (pro-rated) is also charged for letters, reports, assessments and any communication on your behalf that you
request of Dr. Shatford. Please note that there is no direct billing to insurance companies. Dr. Shatford requires 48 hours notice to cancel
an appointment.


Everything that you discuss during your sessions is highly confidential, and no information can be released about you, even to family members, without your express written consent. Dr. Shatford will release information at your request, but written authorization will be required. There are exceptions to the confidentiality provisions, as follows:  if child abuse is reported, if inappropriate sexual contact by another health professional is reported, if a client is in danger or at risk, or if records are subpoenaed. These exceptions are rare, but you need to know about them.